New Beginnings

If you look back at my last few posts here you may have noticed some social media promotion involving selfies and poster board signs. This modest attempt at attracting attention is a new tactic for me, reflecting my new approach to The Daylight Complex and music making.



When I moved from Boston to New Orleans last year my intention was to shake things up. The Daylight Complex has generally released music at a glacial pace, and I’d really like to become more prolific. Moving from one great city to another great, but very different, city has taken me out of my comfort zone. I find that edge of discomfort helpful creatively.



I also decided to fully commit to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding will theoretically help me to reach my two major goals:

  1. Release music more frequently.
  2. Grow my audience.

Patreon in particular appealed to me because it’s not just a one-and-done crowdfunding situation. Patreon encourages an ongoing relationship between the artist and the audience. Which is exactly what I’m looking for. (You can find out more about how Patreon works at

For all of the above reasons, my new song “Romans” is special to me. To be honest, I’m not sure is “Romans” is good; I’m too close to it right now, and having just recorded it all I hear are the flaws. However, this song represents a new start for me and my music. It’s my first recording in New Orleans, and my first recording for Patreon. Here’s an excerpt:



This entire song, as well as upcoming future songs, can be heard on Patreon. Come join us and celebrate this new beginning for The Daylight Complex.

New Songs Coming to Patreon

The Daylight Complex has launched a Patreon page. The crowdfunding website will host upcoming new and original songs exclusively for my patrons. Patrons will also have access to band updates, videos, song previews, and other nifty stuff. Check out the introduction video below, and join us now at Patreon.

Spring 2015 Projects Update

So far this year I haven’t been able to get as much done musically as I would have liked. Nonetheless I have several projects in the pipeline, listed below:

I have been commissioned to create theme music for the podcast Preservation State.
This project will take up the remainder of May.

I am establishing a Patreon account.
The account is built and almost ready to launch, except I need to make an introductory video. I’m not used to being in front of the camera, so that should be super awkward. Find out more about Patreon by watching this video. Target for launch is the last weekend of May.

I am putting together the music for a new 10-song album.
Currently in the writing phase. Patreon members will get first listen of the new tracks as they’re created.

I want to assemble a video for the song “As You Leave” from the album Stumble.
I’m gathering archival video and photographs.


Lots to do. Wish me luck.

Stumble YouTube Update

I’ve posted all ten Stumble tracks to a YouTube playlist. These videos are simply the songs playing over a static image, but they’re useful in offering another way to share the album anywhere you can post YouTube videos.

New Music, New Website

Okay, here’s some boring website minutia:

I designed the previous version of the website in 2007, the same year that Apple introduced the iPhone. It served me well, but seven years is a long time for a website to go without a redesign. It wasn’t mobile-friendly, it had pages that hadn’t been updated in years (or in the case of the calendar ever been used), and it had all the assorted cruft that an aging website accumulates.

I figured that the release of Stumble would be a good time to unveil a website redesign. Obviously I didn’t think that strategy through, because recording and releasing an album is a big project, and so is completely redesigning a website. My enthusiasm for starting the website project, so soon after finishing Stumble, was lacking.

Nonetheless, after some procrastination I hunkered down and assembled the version of the website you’re now visiting. It’s responsive (adapts to a variety of screen sizes including mobile devices), easily editable, and features the legendary dplex color palette.

And now here’s some even more tedious technical details:

The new site uses WordPress as a content management system. The pages were constructed with the Bootstrap framework, and the fonts are being served by Adobe Typekit. I designed the pages in Adobe Photoshop and coded them using Bare Bones BBEdit and Panic Coda.

Hopefully this website will last me another seven years, at which time I’ll probably have to redesign it for smartwatches or something. I should also mention that my interactive design services are available for hire. Hit me up via the ABOUT page if interested.