There’s Gonna Be Birdsong

Memorial Day Weekend update, including “Romans” progress and a new song in the works. View the post on Patreon.

A History of Creativity (Abridged)

“Experience tells me the first song of a batch is the toughest…”

In a new Patreon post I write about the challenge of ramping up creatively after a major life change and I share an update on an upcoming release.

New Songs Coming to Patreon

The Daylight Complex has launched a Patreon page. The crowdfunding website will host upcoming new and original songs exclusively for my patrons. Patrons will also have access to band updates, videos, song previews, and other nifty stuff. Check out the introduction video below, and join us now at Patreon.

Spring 2015 Projects Update

So far this year I haven’t been able to get as much done musically as I would have liked. Nonetheless I have several projects in the pipeline, listed below:

I have been commissioned to create theme music for the podcast Preservation State.
This project will take up the remainder of May.

I am establishing a Patreon account.
The account is built and almost ready to launch, except I need to make an introductory video. I’m not used to being in front of the camera, so that should be super awkward. Find out more about Patreon by watching this video. Target for launch is the last weekend of May.

I am putting together the music for a new 10-song album.
Currently in the writing phase. Patreon members will get first listen of the new tracks as they’re created.

I want to assemble a video for the song “As You Leave” from the album Stumble.
I’m gathering archival video and photographs.


Lots to do. Wish me luck.

Everything Old Is New Again

My iPad is being haunted by old songs.