Decades and Doppelgängers

When I launched my Patreon page, my top goal was to use the crowdfunding site to become more prolific. For nearly my entire adult life I’ve been writing and arranging songs, but I’ve always had trouble taking those songs to that final “finish it, release it to the world, and move on to the next one” step. I reasoned that the expectations set by a patron community would give me that extra push to publish. Today I released two songs on Patreon, which means I’ve released three songs in three months. I’m encouraged. I think I can keep up this pace.

Anyway, bottom line is there are two new crowdfunded songs available to the Patreon community right now: “Narrow Decade” and “I Hate Your Doppelgänger.” Join up to support the creation of future songs by The Daylight Complex and you’ll get access to these two new tracks immediately (as well as “Romans,” my inaugural Patreon track).

If you’re a member, check out the Patreon directory page on this website. As the library of crowdfunded music by The Daylight Complex grows, the directory will be an easy way to keep track of all the songs.