Here We Go

Banged out on a borrowed piano, elaborated while pacing the floor of a borrowed December home. Composed during the holidays, but not of the holidays.

Download it at Bandcamp.

It’s Been Two Weeks

Time for a new song. This one is called “Stranded,” and for the following two weeks you can download it free here: Dplex on Bandcamp.

Huge and Bombastic and Heartfelt

Here’s a lovely article by Neal Gaiman about creativity and collaboration, and how difficult it all can be:
Neil Gaiman on Amanda Palmer & the Dresden Dolls – Spin

Shake Me Loose

I finally completed my first new track in a while, and I’m pretty happy with it:

“Shake Me Loose” is available to download for free until I complete my next song, probably in about two weeks. Go get it at the dplex Bandcamp page.

More From the Brain Bank

Another work in progress posted to SoundCloud:

Some Minor Tinkering

I’ve gone through the music links and cleaned things up; I had noticed some MP3s weren’t coming up when clicked.

I’ve also posted a brief excerpt from a work-in-progress on SoundCloud:

Now I Know Why Telekon Makes Me Thirsty

Possibly the all time greatest matchup of product and celebrity.

YouTube Preview Image

(via Synthtopia)


Ad Frank in his “Lady Miss Kier” shirt and also riding a bike:
YouTube Preview Image

The song is from his really terrific new album.


Congratulations to Amanda Palmer who is finally free of her Roadrunner Records contract. I will be interested to observe the ways she sells her music from here on out (right now she is using Bandcamp alongside more conventional outlets like iTunes). If anyone is built to be a modern indie artist on the Internet, it’s Amanda Palmer.

Yet More Hotness

I’ve been checking out the iTunes store now that iPad apps are publicly available. The biggest surprise so far is this:

KORG iELECTRIBE (iTunes link)

iELECTRIBE screenshot