I’ve done some necessary and overdue rearranging of this website’s Music page. My previous storage system for older music has been shut down (RIP MobileMe), so I’ve moved everything to SoundCloud widgets.

Most older tracks are easily downloadable by selecting a song in one of the four playlists and then clicking the download button at the top of the playlist.

The newest songs are still housed at the Bandcamp page.

Some Minor Tinkering

I’ve gone through the music links and cleaned things up; I had noticed some MP3s weren’t coming up when clicked.

I’ve also posted a brief excerpt from a work-in-progress on SoundCloud:

More History

I’ve transferred a few older songs from audio cassette to hard drive, including “Bleed Me,” an early version of “North America,” and a live-in-studio update of the old SMA song “Narrow Decade.”

Also added is a song from my brief tenure with a late ’80s band called Stanztrigger.

All tracks are posted as mp3s and can be downloaded from the Music page.

August Site Updates

I’ve updated the Media and Music pages. Changes include the addition of some older songs, a switch from YouTube to Vimeo, and links to resources from old friend Benjamin Tremblay.