Oh that incorrigible Ad Frank…

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Huge and Bombastic and Heartfelt

Here’s a lovely article by Neal Gaiman about creativity and collaboration, and how difficult it all can be:
Neil Gaiman on Amanda Palmer & the Dresden Dolls – Spin

Now I Know Why Telekon Makes Me Thirsty

Possibly the all time greatest matchup of product and celebrity.

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Ad Frank in his “Lady Miss Kier” shirt and also riding a bike:
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The song is from his really terrific new album.


I somehow missed Devo performing at the Olympics last night (because when you think of international athletic competition Devo is the first thing that comes to mind), but you can grab the song they premiered for free at Club Devo (email address required). Though it’s not quite as good as “Watch Us Work It, ” I consider it worth the download.

Mark Mothersbaugh

Dirty Single

A free mp3 from The New Pornographers’ upcoming album Together is available on the Matador blog. I’ve only listened to “Your Hands (Together)” a couple of times, but it’s growing on me as TNP songs tend to do.

The New Pornographers

Memory Protect

Here’s a rare online video of the legendary Boston band Think Tree. It’s hard to find any footage of those guys, though rumor has it they made videos for one or two of their songs.

These days every band has hours of cellphone video documenting everything they do. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no movie or video footage of the adult Nick Drake.

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The Expert

More from the Touch Yello virtual concert:

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Touch Yello

Why was I not told of this? Still the coolest band in the world…

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Jacqueline (Demo, May 2008)

There’s a new, free David Sylvian MP3 download on his website.

In contrast to his new Manafon tracks, this is a more traditional guitar-and-vocals song.