For Grendel

A song for a dear, departed friend as his birthday approaches.

The finished version of this track will be included in the Stumble album this summer.

Naming Convention

The album will be called Stumble.

A Little Progress

I’ve been grinding away at the song “As You Leave” for the past three weeks, trying to get the arrangement into reasonable shape. I made progress this last week (I spent a disproportionate amount of time on the bass sound during the previous two), and now I’m finally feeling good about it. Album-wise, the song is an important one.

I’ve the stirrings of a video concept for “As You Leave” in my head as well.

I took an enjoyable little break from songwriting on Saturday to design some Dplex stickers and business cards. I will undoubtedly be offering some giveaways in the not-too-distant future…

Status Report: 2013 Album Project

I’ve narrowed the album song candidates to 15 possibilities. Some new tracks added since the last list, a lot removed. I still plan to whittle the album down to ten tracks.

  • Latitude
  • Every Aspect of You
  • Walking Warren Lake*
  • Another Chamber of My Heart
  • Here We Go*
  • As You Leave
  • Naive*
  • The Out-of-Towners
  • Mrs. Hundred Complications
  • Engines
  • Removing Your Knobs
  • Houses
  • Bedward*
  • Sorrow
  • The Electric Courtesies

*new version of previously recorded song

Update to Previous Entry

Since my previous album progress report I’ve added a new song entitled “The Out-of-Towners” to the “possibly” list. I’m making solid progress on the lyrics, and it’s become a favorite to fill one of the four remaining unassigned album slots.

I’ve also added an untitled song with the working title of “Botnet” to the “possibly” list, but it’s much more of a long shot. I like the music, but lyrics have not been particularly forthcoming. I posted a work-in-progress preview of “Botnet” on SoundCloud a few months back:

Otherwise I’m making slow but steady progress on the six “definitely” album tracks, and still trying to figure out what other tracks will be included. Right now my money is on “Naive,” “Engines,” “Popping Aspirin,” and “The Out-of-Towners.”

Status Report: 2013 Album Project

The Daylight Complex will release an as-yet-untitled ten song album in the first half of 2013. This is the project’s first status report.

No songs have been recorded yet.

Songs in the “definitely” list:
Every Aspect of You
Walking Warren Lake*
Another Chamber of My Heart
Here We Go*
As You Leave

Songs in the “possibly” list:
Popping Aspirin
The Electric Courtesies
untitled song currently known as “Kick”

*new version of previously recorded song


I’ve done some necessary and overdue rearranging of this website’s Music page. My previous storage system for older music has been shut down (RIP MobileMe), so I’ve moved everything to SoundCloud widgets.

Most older tracks are easily downloadable by selecting a song in one of the four playlists and then clicking the download button at the top of the playlist.

The newest songs are still housed at the Bandcamp page.


Messing about with a beta of my brother’s upcoming photo app.


Oh that incorrigible Ad Frank…

YouTube Preview Image

Teaching an Old Song New Tricks

The latest offering at the Dplex Bandcamp site is one of my oldest songs. In addition to modernizing it (the original was recorded many, many years ago on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder) I’ve made it a touch slower and sadder. This track is a free download until I release my next song.

You can download and listen to the original version of “Rainbow” in the Music section of this site, alongside many other songs from my archive. Newer songs are available (as always) on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. To say your support is appreciated would be an understatement.